Nonprofit Organizations Provide Homes to Heroic Veterans

Homes for Heroes pic
Homes for Heroes

Former Army Major General David Haight, whose experience included multiple combat tours in Panama, Iraq and Afghanistan and directing U.S. European Command and foreign Army operations in more than 52 countries around the world, is now retired. Focused on the well-being of his troops while in service as well as after retirement, David Haight maintains longstanding support for organizations that enable U.S. Army veterans to prosper in civilian life.

Among these is Homes for Heroes, a nationwide team of affiliated businesses and real estate professionals who share a commitment to ensuring that veterans have access to affordable residences.

Another nonprofit, Building Homes for Heroes, focuses on gifting homes to veterans who have suffered losses during overseas deployments. One recent beneficiary in the San Antonio area is Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Melchizedek Martinez, who lost his wife in a terrorist bombing at the Brussels airport last year. She died protecting two of their four children, and this act of heroism led to an outpouring of community support for the colonel and the family, who received a mortgage-free residence from Building Homes for Heroes.