National Scouting Museum Is Moving to New Mexico

National Scouting Museum pic
National Scouting Museum

A career infantry officer in the U.S. Army who rose to the rank of 2-star, David Haight had many combat commands during his 31-year career, most recently served as the Director of Operations for the U.S. European Command. In addition to his work in the Army, David Haight is an Eagle Scout and longtime supporter of the Boy Scouts of America.

In a recently released statement, the Boy Scouts of America announced that it is relocating the National Scouting Museum to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Established in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in 1959, the National Scouting Museum maintains and displays 600,000-plus artifacts that tell the story of the more than 100-year history of the scouting movement. For nearly 15 years, the Museum has operated adjacent to the Boy Scouts of America’s national headquarters in Irving, Texas.

The new National Scouting Museum will be built in 2017 and is scheduled to open in 2018. The Museum’s new location in northern New Mexico will allow the Boy Scouts of America to share its rich history with the tens of thousands of scouts and alumni who visit Philmont Scout Ranch each year. To find more information about the Museum and learn how you can support its work, visit


Some Facts About the U.S. European Command


U.S. European Command pic
U.S. European Command

A career infantry officer, David Haight has served in the U.S. Army in some of the world’s most dangerous areas of conflict. Major General David Haight also served as Director of Operations for the U.S. European Command (EUCOM), coordinating army, all other military and interagency operations throughout 52 countries in Europe in conjunction with NATO allies and other partner nations.

EUCOM was formed after the end of World War II and is able to perform a comprehensive array of military operations in cooperation with its European allies to protect the national interest of the U.S. and in support of a free and peaceful Europe. Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, the command orchestrates the operations of over 100,000 military and civilian personnel in an area covering 10.7 million square miles of land and 13 million square miles of sea, having a combined 23.7 million square miles of total airspace.

In geographic terms this means all of Europe, significant parts of Asia, and portions of the Middle East, as well as the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. This area of responsibility spans close to one-fifth of the globe, with a population approaching one billion people.